I am going to put here a zip that contains the complete package, Eclipse, Java, Tomcat, SiteMesh and the example projects all setup with no dependencies on the OS.

The reader will be able to unzip, click Eclipse and see SiteMesh in action and use the same environment to follow the tutorials.

Using the SiteMesh Starter Kit on Windows

The SiteMesh Starter Kit was put together to be as unobtrusive as possible. As such there is no installation.

Unzip the ssk folder to a root folder. For example C:\ or D:\.

You may use another folder, but some unzip programs will give you an error about long path names. This is a Windows limitation.

For the rest of this tutorial we will assume you are using the folder C:\ssk.

Starting, C:\SSK\sts-2.6.1.SR1\STS.exe will launch your development environment as shown below,

Launch the Cafe Example

Right click on the file menu.jsp and choose Run on Server.


Depending on your setup of Windows you may get a warning dialog as shown,