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« Previous Version 28 Next » is a proposal to replace the current SiteMesh 2 website with emphasis on users of SiteMesh,

  • Tutorial Based Learning (Trail, Live Demos) - make as short as possible
  • Updating the documentation
  • Modernizing the site for community feedback
  • If accepted, provide input into a SiteMesh 3 website (once the code is GA)

At this stage I am putting together some sample content. Once there is enough content, the SiteMesh team will be contacted to determine if they want to endorse this wiki.


SiteMesh is a web-page layout system that abstracts the look and feel from the functionality of a web-application.

SiteMesh won't tread on your toes or force you to work in a certain way (except for cleaner) - you install and carry on working as before. It seamlessly fits in with existing frameworks.

Just try it! You'll be impressed with how it can simplify things.


Contents of this page are still being written.

Diagram showing simple content decorated into multiple sites...

Pitch (like a commercial),

  1. Reduce application code by
  2. Truly segregate look and feel from
  3. Why not just use includes?

Proposed Reorganization of Sections

  • Download
  • Getting Started with SiteMesh (Tutorials with live demos)
    • Setup SiteMesh
    • Start Using SiteMesh in 10 minutes
    • SiteMesh Patterns
    • SiteMesh versus Includes
  • Production Grade Meshing
    • Understanding Paths for Decorator Files
    • UTF-8
    • Error Page Considerations
  • Advanced SiteMesh
    • Allow Pages to Specify Decorators
    • Decorating with Parameters and Sessions
    • Nested Decorators
    • API Reference
  • FAQ
  • Bug Tracker
  • Discussion
  • About SiteMesh
    • Contributors
    • Sites Using SiteMesh
    • License
    • Donate
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