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What is SiteMesh?

SiteMesh is a web-page layout and decoration framework and lightweight and flexible web application integration frameworkframework that applies the Gang of Four decorator pattern to allow a clean separation of content from presentation.

SiteMesh is simple easy to learn and can be up and running in 15 minutes. Just follow the Getting Started with SiteMesh tutorial.. 5 minutes to setup, and 10 minutes to start being useful.

There's More

SiteMesh may be simple to start using right away, but there is much more to SiteMesh...

  • SiteMesh intercepts requests to any static or dynamically generated HTML page requested through the web-server, processes the content and then merges it with one or more decorators to build the final result.
  • SiteMesh can also be used compose large pages of smaller pages and layouts.
  • SiteMesh is fast. Really fast.
  • SiteMesh can be used in Java based web-applications, or applied to content as an offline job.
  • SiteMesh is extensible.

For a good top level view of SiteMesh, review Mike Cannon-Brookes PowerPoint presentation presented for the Server Side Symposium.