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Panel is a proposal to replace the current SiteMesh 2 website with emphasis on,

  • Tutorial Based Learning (Trail, Live Demos) - make as short as possible
  • Updating the documentation
  • Modernizing the site for community feedback

At this stage I am putting together a proposed layout and filling in some content. I've contacted Joe Walnes to determine if I should work further to fill this with material and present to the SiteMesh team for endorsement.

What is SiteMesh?


Joe, I am going to write this last once I get the main content flushed out. I have access to Marketing experts who can help with the landing page once they see what the site is about. Maybe even consider videos to get newbies a quick view of SiteMesh.

Until this page is done, I'll use this as a dashboard for the progression of the migration of SiteMesh 2.

Status of Sections

SiteMesh2 Section

Wiki Section



Review/Input from Team




Looked at will write near the end with help from people with marketing background.





No content yet.



Bug Tracker


Migrated and updated to point to GIT.

Joe Ready for Review


About SiteMesh - License



Joe Ready for Review




Missing some binaries. Asking Joe for input on.

Joe Requires some input see email.


Advanced Sitemesh - Requirements


The content has been brought over but it needs a revamp.

Would be helpful to get input from the rest of the developers, what version do they test on ect...

Feature List



Will include this into the Home page as a subsection or incorporating it as part of the homepage.


Recently Updated

What is SiteMesh?


SiteMesh 3 has been officially released.


SiteMesh is a lightweight and flexible Java web application framework that applies the Gang of Four decorator pattern to allow a clean separation of content from presentation.

Work with the content of your website and have the appropriate look and feel applied (decorated) just before delivery to a PC or Mobile device.

At the same time, SiteMesh has many advanced features and works with popular frameworks such as Spring and Struts.

Why Use SiteMesh

Write your content once and present it in many different ways,

Gliffy Diagram
nameFigure 1 with Mobile

Let's Hear Some More

SiteMesh uses Filters introduced since Java Servlet version 2.3.

  • SiteMesh intercepts responses to generated HTML and merges it with decorator(s) to build the final result.
  • SiteMesh can be used in Java based web-applications, or applied to content as an offline job.
  • Enterprise class web applications and products such as Atlasssian Confluence use SiteMesh.

For a good overview, see Mike Cannon-Brookes' PowerPoint presented at the Vegas Server Side Symposium.


Download SiteMesh 2.4.2, a stable, rock solid and Production proven release or check out SiteMesh 3 Alpha.