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h2. What is SiteMesh?

SiteMesh is a lightweight and flexible Java web application framework that applies the Gang of Four [decorator pattern|] to allow a clean separation of content from presentation.

Work with the simple content of your website and have the appropriate look and feel applied (decorated) just before delivery to a PC or Mobile device.

* SiteMesh is *easy* to learn. [5 minutes to setup, and 10 minutes to start being useful|sitemesh:Learn - Getting Started with SiteMesh].
* SiteMesh *integrates* quickly, just 4 files.

At the same time, SiteMesh has many [advanced features|sitemesh:Learn - Advanced SiteMesh] and works with popular frameworks such as [Spring|] and [Struts|].

h2. Why Use SiteMesh

Write your content once and present it in many different ways,

{gliffy:name=Figure 1 with Mobile|version=9}

h3. Let's Hear Some More

SiteMesh uses [Filters|] introduced since Java Servlet version 2.3.

* SiteMesh intercepts responses to generated HTML and merges it with decorator(s) to build the final result.
* SiteMesh can be used in Java based web-applications, or applied to content as an offline job.

For a good overview, see [Mike Cannon-Brookes' PowerPoint|^SiteMesh-MikeCannonBrookesPresentation.ppt] presented at the Vegas Server Side Symposium.

h2. Download

[Download SiteMesh 2.4.2|sitemesh:Download], a stable, rock solid and Production proven release or check out [SiteMesh 3 Alpha|sitemesh3:SiteMesh 3 Overview].