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The bottom line is people respond better to nice pictures and graphics. As a programmers that is generally not our forte. So I plan to enlist a Graphics Designer.

Tracy Zhou's with some modifications be a good candidate (provided we can get permission to reuse the photos from where she got them from) :

  • Tracy already started a mobile version
  • The topic of a wedding website  aligns well with the concept of themes.

Before approaching Tracy we should do some leg work to have an idea if this will work and what changes we would ask of her:

  1. SiteMap with reasoning for each section to best demonstrate SiteMesh features (easy to progressively more complex)
  2. Select only one theme initially
  3. List changes to each section
  4. List changes for overall, ie a print button
  5. Do same for mobile themes and content
  6. Selection of new name instead of
  7. Selection of 2nd theme to demonstrate skinning
  8. Licensing - I expect we would not be able to make the graphics open source


We need a total of 7 sections, here's a first cut in the order that they will be demonstrated,

  1. Legal - Simple text but decorated (highlight body and title tags)
  2. Checklist - simple demonstration of decorator pattern using text and inline css applied specifically to the checklist page
  3. Crafts - example of graphics
  4. Home - includes 1,2 and 3 but highlight using onload tag to launch kind of inline JavaScript
  5. Inspire - will have a subsection for themes and demonstrate end user selecting themes
  6. Venues - example of include file for Trends
  7. Blog - example of include file for Trends + talk head tag and show example of JavaScript and CSS reference files

Logo = Home Page

Welcome to, where we showcase inspirations for a wedding beyond the ordinary. We provide creative inspirations and step-to-step craft instructions for a personalized and well crafted wedding with a focus on helping you make your special day truly about you and your significant other.


Home = Home Page

The logo feels awkward to click here so duplicating with a Home bubble.

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