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Open Source

  • Open source software distributed under the OpenSymphony Software License (derived and fully compatible with the Apache Software License).


  • Non-technical users can now create professional Web pages while effortlessly maintaining a consistent look-and-feel across your web-application.
  • Dramatically reduces the time needed to develop and maintain a web-application.
  • Eliminates the need to create multiple web-apps for different audiences by allowing the decorator to be changed according to the useragent or a request parameter(s) (e.g. printable version).

Very flexible

  • A printable version of your entire site is only a matter of minutes!
  • Map a decorator based on a cookie value.
  • With the RobotDecoratorMapper you can apply a special decorator to all your pages when they are indexed by a search engine robot (also known as spider, crawler). Currently supports over 200 robots.


  • Supports Velocity and Freemarker for writing decorators.
  • Supports other technologies (CGI, Perl, MS ASP... anything that renders html).
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